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5 Worship Leader Nightmares

 5 Worship Leader Nightmares by Worship Set Ideas

The number one fear in the world is public speaking. But singing in front of people is even scarier than that. So it makes sense that worship leaders have real fears. And those fears frequently come true.
So in an attempt at a bit of catharsis, I thought it would be helpful to identify those fears, and maybe poke fun at them a bit. We’ve all had things like this happen to us. After they happen, move on. It’s not the end of the world.
Nightmare-1 We do our best to learn the words. We’re responsible enough to not rely on confidence monitors or lyric sheets. But sometimes the worst happens and we blank. It’s happened to the best of worship leaders.
Nightmare-2 This translates to digital pianos perfectly too. Ever started a song and realized your whole keyboard was transposed one half step up?
Nightmare-3 We’ve been waiting all week, maybe even all month, to introduce this one amazing song. The band knocks it out of the park. But all you get in return is blank stares or even your pastor saying something like, “Well that song didn’t work out so well.”
Nightmare-4 This is the single best moment in leading worship. The song builds to a crescendo, you back away from the mic, and the congregation explodes in singing. But what if they don’t sing?
Nightmare-5 Maybe this is my personal fear from having led church at a smaller church with horrible acoustics. One unauthorized tambourine in the hands of rhythmless charismatic can seriously kill your buzz.

Bonus nightmare…this:

Have you had any of these happen to you? What are your worst nightmares as a worship leader?

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  1. Oooh nightmares! That's why the worship team needs to prepare and fully commit their hearts, minds and spirit to be able to give the highest praise to the Lord. While the church is also responsible to pray for the team and whole program.
    Anyway, what is the worst you have ever experienced as a worship leader? And I'm also interested to know how were you able to recover from it? :)
    ^_^ Share! Share! Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Madz! So sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the visit and for your quite challenging comment. :) Worship leading requires so much preparation! I'm a worship leader for three years now and honestly, I've already experienced each one mentioned above, but my greatest nightmare among which is number four! The time when I let the congregation sing but I didn't hear anything from them. JUST COMPLETE SILENCE! That really punched me hard on the inside. And I am telling you, that's just the start, it litreally became my nightmare for days! What did I do to let go of it? I redirected my focus back to the word of God. That's all :)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Daniel :) I agree, it's best to redirect our focus back to the Word. May God bless you and your team as you prepare and serve the Lord through your hearts ^_^ Praying for you.

    2. Thank you so much, Madz! God bless you more! :)


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