Saved Festival 2014

Names. Icons. Characters. Luminaries. Personalities. History-makers. World-changers.
All of these come and go in their allotted times and seasons. They have risen and fallen through the ages, leaving legacies upon which civilizations have been built. We look up to these individuals who have shaped our global political, social, and cultural climates.

But there is none that can compare to the only name by which all others fall short. No other Name transcends time to touch countless lives in every generation. No other Name impacts our world with divine sovereignty and steadfast love. Through NO OTHER NAME can salvation be received!
SAVED boldly declares that Jesus Christ alone is the source of true transformation and renewal. Join us in declaring this timeless truth in SAVED FESTIVAL 2014!

Worship with a host of world-renowned international and talented local artists including Israel Houghton & New Breed (Kingwood, Texas), Esterlyn (Boise, Idaho), our very own VICTORY Worship! Our guest speaker Francis Chan is a prolific author of numerous books, a dedicated educator, and a passionate preacher of God’s undeniable truth.

Join the NO OTHER NAME campaign at SAVED Festival 2014, and together, we can start a movement that spreads the message of the Gospel in its purest form—only through JESUS CHRIST can we be saved.
Tickets are available at Ticketnet: 911555 or visit You may also call 910.5524 or 910.5352 for tickets.

Like Saved Festival on Facebook at for more updates.

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The 35th Manila International Book Fair

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Passion: Take It All {Album Review}

Passion albums have become something that many Christians anticipate each year. One of the things that I really love about this team is their passion. Every single song that comes from them is literally heart-changing, touching, and faith-stirring. Many of their songs have not only become my personal favourites but also our congregation’s. This year’s Passion album ‘Take It All,’ captures the heart of the Jesus generation united for His name. I do not know the story behind this album, but in my mind it is a picturesque of people in total surrender, melting under the light of the grace and love coming from Jesus. The entire album is presented with a high level of musicianship and authenticity.

Starting with the lines “Whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is light, lead me in Your way everlasting,” ‘Don’t Ever Stop’ opens the album with energetic praise party. The lines of the song is obviously taken from Philippians chapter four, verse eight. Its synths, powerful drum, and ripping guitar accompany Chris Tomlin as he leads thousands of voices in praise.
The second track ‘Never Gonna Let Me Go’ describes the great and saving love of Christ. This acoustic-based composition of Kristian Stanfill is very congregational. I love the last part that tells “Whatever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, come as you are, come into His open arms...” It’s a perfect song to draw people to worship. After this track comes the long, and ethereal worship moments. You will surely love to worship while listening to ‘Let It Be Jesus’ sung by Christy Knockels. This is my ultimate favourite cut on the album. The theme, musicality, and lyrical-depth jive perfectly. I am so excited to line it up on my worship setlist.
‘At The Cross’ is not your favourite Hillsong classic. This new song is one of the moments you do not want to miss. Chris Tomlin invites everyone to surrender everything at the cross where love ran red. It is one of the stand-out tracks in the album. As you reach the near-end point, Chris drops out almost completely. The way how the crowd grabs hold of it is what I love most.
Biblical content is very critical to a worship song. This important part should never be omitted, unless the writer wants to create songs with cliché lines of “we love You, we adore You.” Truthfully speaking, Passion’s Take It All fell tothis common pitfall that is prone to worship albums. Some of the songs in the album which I find generic, and have the cliché lines are ‘My Heart is Yours,’ ‘Almighty,’ ‘Mercy,’ ‘Worthy,’ ‘This Grace,’ and ‘Sing and Shout.’ But still these are good to be had in the album. Each song has brilliant instrumentations and are not just ‘album fillers.’ 
Overall, Take It All is honest, raw, and passionate. I commend the heart of the Passion Worship Leaders. Their love for God, heart for worship, and compassion for people are extravagantly manifested in this project. Each track, from the first down to the last, affords you a unique way to worship the Lord while being edified spiritually.

Rating: 4.3/5

Track Listing:

1.  Don't Ever Stop [feat. Chris Tomlin]
2.  Never Gonna Let Me Go [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
3.  Let It Be Jesus [feat. Christy Nockels]
4.  At the Cross (Love Ran Red) [feat. Chris Tomlin]
5.  I AM [feat. Crowder]
6.  My Heart Is Yours [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
7.  Almighty [feat. Chris Tomlin]
8.  You Came To My Rescue [feat. Christy Nockels]
9.  Mercy [feat. Matt Redman]
10.  Come As You Are [feat. Crowder]
11.  Worthy [feat. Matt Redman]
12.  This Grace [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
13.  Sing And Shout [feat. Matt Redman]*
14.  My Heart Is Yours (Radio Version) [feat. Kristian Stanfill]*
15.  Let It Be Jesus (Song Video) [feat. Christy Nockels]*
16.  Come As You Are (Song Video) [feat. Crowder]*
17.  Crushed By Grace [Louie Giglio Talk]*

*available on Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)
Disclosure: A review copy of Take It All was provided for review by House of Praise, from whom you may purchase the album.
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Wow Worship Lime {Album Review}

Wow series has been so famous for the past few years. To be more specific, the series includes Wow Hits, Gospel, #1s, and Worship. These compilation albums are made up of various CCM songs from different artists, labels, and styles. Though many are questioning its relevance, these albums do certainly sell millions of copies worldwide. For an album collector like me, I do not give much attention to compilation albums because I prefer getting the original artist’s album; especially of those that I like.

Unlike Wow Hits, Wow Worship albums are not being released annually. Its last release was in 2010 (Wow Worship Purple) until this year—the new addition to the series is the ‘Lime’ Edition. It comprises 30 powerful tracks (plus six on the deluxe edition) from today’s top artists.

After receiving it from House of Praise along with three other new albums, I paid the least attention to it because it is really not my type as I stated earlier. But when I start gazing upon its track list written in the cover, Wow! By looking to its song line-up, I must say that this one makes a great collection, more inspired and well-planned than the Hits series. This new edition has several of my favourite worship songs, and I can’t believe that it is possible to a find an album like this.

I am sure that the songs in this album have already been known and sung by many Christians through the past years since the last Wow Worship edition. Nine of the songs in the album, which are noted as new recordings are actually new covers. Songs include White Flag, Lay Me Down, Stronger, Christ Is Risen, From the Inside Out, Holy Spirit, Jesus Son of God, The Stand, and Always (mostly are Hillsong originals). Among these covers, I find White Flag, Stronger, From the Inside Out, and The Stand better than their original releases.

Mostly, the songs that are included in this edition are the standouts on their respective albums. The opening songs on discs one and two, Our God (Chris Tomlin) and Cornerstone (Hillsong Live), respectively, has been sung probably hundreds of times in churches on Sundays around the world. Both are album title tracks. Hillsong United’s Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail) has been rising in popularity since its release in 2011. This K-Love Fan Award-winning song has been one of the most loved tracks in their Zion album. In addition to its in-depth lyrics, Taya Smith’s voice suits perfectly to the mood of the song; and that makes the song so irresistible to sing.

Wow Worship Lime cannot be completed without the very popular Matt Redman-hymn 10,000 Reasons. Because of its powerful appeal and compelling message, I must say that this is his biggest hit since The Heart of Worship. Another popular song that is good to be found in the album is David Crowder Band’s How He Loves, which is also included in Wow Hits 2010.

I have numerous Wow albums in my collection, and I listen to them the least. For Wow brand to survive in the future, they should be smarter and meticulous on choosing the songs. For an album collector like me, Wow albums are last on my list. But for those people who want to listen to new songs without being so extravagant on buying numerous albums, compilation projects like these are good to be had.

Overall, Wow Worship Lime is a very strong and indeed powerful compilation album. I have never encountered a collection project where songs are as well-picked as this one. Heartfelt, enjoyable, and great are some of the words to describe the album. I am hoping that the future releases from Wow are as good as this one.

Rating: 5/5

Track Listing:


Our God [Chris Tomlin]
God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion) [Newsboys]
10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) (Radio Version) [Matt Redman]
Lord, I Need You [Matt Maher]
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Hillsong UNITED]
How He Loves (Radio Version) [David Crowder Band]
Redeemed [Big Daddy Weave]
Love Came Down [Kari Jobe]
White Flag [Building 429]*
Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) [Casting Crowns]
One Thing Remains [Kristian Stanfill]
Open Up the Heavens [Vertical Church Band]
Your Great Name [Natalie Grant]
Forever Reign [Chris August]
Beautiful Things [Gungor]
Lay Me Down [Rush of Fools]* [BONUS]
Stronger [Dara Maclean]* [BONUS]
Revival [Soulfire Revolution] [BONUS]


Cornerstone [Hillsong LIVE]
Christ Is Risen [Tenth Avenue North]*
From the Inside Out [for KING AND COUNTRY]*
Your Love Never Fails [Jesus Culture]
Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) [Passion]
Overcome (Radio Version) [Jeremy Camp]
Holy Spirit [Francesca Battistelli]*
Give Me Faith [Elevation Worship]
Never Once [One Sonic Society]
Jesus, Son of God [Brandon Heath]*
Not For a Moment [Meredith Andrews]
The Stand [Hillsong Young and Free]*
The Power of the Cross [Matt Hammitt]
God is Able [Patrick Ryan Clark]
Waiting Here For You (Radio Version) [Christy Nockels]
Always [Rhett Walker Band]* [BONUS]
Cast My Cares [Tim Timmons] [BONUS]
Break Every Chain [Tasha Cobbs] [BONUS]

Disclosure: A review copy of Wow Worship Lime was provided for review by House of Praise, from whom you may purchase the album.
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