Comic Book Review: 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity Vol.1

Late last month, I reviewed my first ever comic magazine “The Book of God”, available from CLC Philippines. Today, as the first month of 2015 ends, I will share to you my review of another comic magazine from CLC Publications called “101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity Vol.1”.

Written by Art Ayris, and illustrated by multiple graphic artists, “101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity Vol.1” tackles 15 of the most asked questions by many unbelievers and also believers. Amazingly, those questions can all be answered by the Holy Scriptures, and are all well-answered and illustrated in this comic mag. This comic book from Kingstone Comics is a brilliant question and answer book in Apologetics like no other. It discusses topics on the existence and nature of God, Angels, Demons, Resurrection of Jesus, even Aliens and UFOs. This book is a must have not only for Christians but also to skeptic unbelievers.

If you haven’t read my review of “The Book Of God” yet, I mentioned there that it is a book of facts; and I must say “101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity” is a perfect complement to it. A book on Bible facts, and on question and answers are a good combination. These comic books remind me of Pastor Emilio A. Ballesteros’ Important Questions And Answers, also available at CLC Philippines.

Honestly speaking, I am not really fond of reading comics, but it has changed after seeing and reading these comics from CLC Philippines. Very good graphics, interesting topics, and enjoyable content await those who will grab a copy.

Overall, “101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity Vol.1” is a very good resource and timely. I strongly recommend it. Needless to say, future volumes should be watched out for.

Disclosure: A review copy of 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity Vol.1 was provided for review by CLC Philippines, from whom you may purchase the book.

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Hillsong Young and Free Set To Release EP "This Is Living" January 13 #News

January 7, 2015
NASHVILLE, TENN. - January 07, 2015 - Bringing the sound of Hillsong Church's Youth Ministry, Young & Free is kicking off 2015 with the release of their new EP This Is Living. Releasing January 13, the EP features five tracks, including three new songs, and is full of the energy that is becoming synonymous with Young & Free worship.
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