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His mercies are new every morning!

It's been a long time. I hope and I pray everyone in the world is in a very good condition, specially YOU, yes YOU who took time to read this, thank you for setting a time to visit my blog.

I became silent this past few days because of some reasons, first--there is no internet connection in my place (WHAT!!???), second--my notebook is still dead because of some internal/ technical problems (hayzzss..), and third, I got sick :(

but THANK YOU LORD.. a BIG statement of Thank You to our LORD JESUS--MY HEALER, my Jehovah Rophe. Thank You for the fast recovery.

because of this, I want to share this very powerful declaration of God's unwavering faithfulness to me and to us all.. maybe you are very aware of this:

Thank You very much, O GOD for your FAITHFULNESS!

Have a Blessed Week ahead! :)

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