What Worship Style Are You?

Today’s post is more of a poll than it is a teaching.
I want to know…what worship style are you?
Piano? Banjo? Organ? Guitar? Synth? Vocoder?
A few weeks ago I shared my criteria for selecting new songs as well as how I find new songs.
A friend of mine messaged me privately when I mentioned who the “staple” songwriters were that I look for.
You see, he leads worship with predominantly “Black Gospel” music. The most “crossover” artist he does is Israel Houghton. But he’s into songs from Judith Christie-McAllister, John P. Kee, William Murphy, Vashawn Mitchell, James Fortune, Charles Jenkins, Kurt Carr, Byron Cage, and Fred Hammond.
Me? These songwriters and artists aren’t even on my radar. But the question begs to be asked: should they be?

Is the Guitar Overtaking Worship Music?

What’s interesting is that this type of music doesn’t require the ever popular, guitar-oriented worship band with two singers. It’s driven by a couple keyboards, organ, 6-9 singers, and sometimes even a choir.
I know for me, this type of music doesn’t get included in my repertoire. I’m as white as white can be. But it got me thinking: why don’t I include this type of music on occasion? Am I missing a beautiful element of diversity in my services?
What worship style are you? Do you feel the style of your church isn’t given voice in our current, modern worship music?
And it seems that most churches are conforming to the guitar, tenor-vocal driven, modern, pop/rock worship sound.
As the body of Christ all over the world, our styles should be unique. The message of the Gospel never changes but as we incarnate that truth in different cultures it needs to take on new flavor.
So I want to hear from you, friends. What worship style are you?
What music do you select? Who are you listening to?
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